Recruitment of the Institute Cooperative Innovation Center


In order to better implement the "Outline of the Yangtze River Delta Regional Integration Development Plan", and the provincial party committee and the provincial government's statement that the Zhejiang Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University should "build a solid foundation to thrive”, to make full use of Jiaxing’s strength of innovative and ecological advantages as the sub-center of Zhejiang’s regional innovation system and to play a leading role of Institute as the technological innovation platform, Jiaxing city and the Institute jointly plan and implement the action plan of "Deep Root Institute Cooperation and Construction of Innovative Jiaxing"


Based on the industrial technology and innovation needs of the economy, we jointly build a high-end scientific research and innovation platform and construct a regional innovation empowerment system.

5 Focuses


By 2025, through the "Deep Root Plan", the Institute and the counties (cities, districts) have jointly identified key industrial fields

Recruitment plan

Head of the operation of the cooperative innovation center of the Institute, Several persons.

Location: the city circle of the Yangtze River Delta.

Basic salary: annual income of 300,000-500,000 RMB, including basic salary + assessment bonus. Business commissions or equity incentives are provided based on the business development.

Main Responsibility
  • 1

    Coordinate and be responsible for the daily operation of the regional innovation center, promote the construction of major science and innovation platforms in the region, organize and carry out cooperation in recruiting talents, and connect with science and innovation service based on the cooperation agreement between the institutes and localities;

  • 2

    Coordinate the daily operational business of the regional innovation center, including incubator operation, industrial park operation, high-end talent training, forums and related activities;

  • 3

    Coordinate the cooperation between the institute and localities, assisting local governments, enterprises and the research institute in mutual docking, in accordance with the cooperation agreement and the basic positioning of the regional innovation center, continue to develop and expand the business of technological innovation enabling functions.

Qualities, skills & attributes
  • 1

    In principle, it is required to be under 40 years old (born after January 1, 1980);

  • 2

    Master's degree or above (the returned overseas students must provide a certificate of foreign degree certification which is certified by the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education);

  • 3

    Have more than 3 years of work experience in the government, public institutions or large state-owned enterprises or more than 5 years of work experience in related fields such as fundraising and recruitment of talents, park operations, and talent services;

  • 4

    Possess a pioneering and enterprising spirit, as well as comprehensive ability of team management and overall coordination.

Resume deliver

Resume deliver:

Contact number: 0573-82586663

The resume will be sent as an attachment with the subject of the email: "Cooperative Talents of the Academy-Major-Educational Background-School-Name" Download the file for more details "院地合作创新中心人才报名登记表.docx"