Project of Scientist Introduction

Plan Summary


Project of Scientist Introduction is proposed based on the strategy of recruiting talents and the integrated development needs of Yangtze River Delta. It is committed to attracting talents, developing science and technology, supporting innovation, improving the overall level of scientific research and technology and the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements. It is a talent introduction plan with the main subject direction of frontier and emerging fields, which is aimed at outstanding talents and young scientists all over the world and focuses on key subjects such as digital economy, life and health, new materials, advanced manufacturing and so on.

For who

outstanding talents and young scientists all over the world.

Research Direction


  • Based on the existing research platform of our Institute, we will recruit leading talents in key subjects such as digital economy, life and health, new materials, advanced manufacturing and new energy. The specific professional directions are as follows:
  • 1. Digital economy (artificial intelligence, data science, semiconductor and integrated circuit, robot and man-machine information technology, Internet of things and Internet, intelligent sensing technology, etc.)
  • 2. Life science and health (innovative biomedicine, biotechnology, high-end medical devices, ecological environment, food safety, etc.)
  • 3. New materials (low dimensional materials and devices, pan semiconductors, advanced energy materials and devices, information functional materials and devices, biomedical materials and devices, flexible electronic materials, etc.)
  • 4. Advanced manufacturing (network collaborative manufacturing technology, advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, intelligent CNC system, new energy vehicles, micro nano manufacturing, advanced equipment and control, etc.)
  • 5. New energy (solar cell technology, offshore wind energy utilization, hydrogen energy, etc.)

Basic guarantee


  Talent guarantee

  • 1

    Salary support

    Salary composition: annual salary + performance reward +no ceiling on performance reward. According to the relevant policies, other kinds of subsidies can be obtained at the same time, including salary allowance, talent employment subsidy, income tax return, etc.
  • 2

    Research Support

    our institute builds public R & D platforms in key fields, and provides comprehensive support for key teams such as independent research space and supporting teams. Top talents can apply for personalized working institutions according to their needs, and be given to the matching of scientific research, technology and service personnel, the allocation of experimental equipment and the guarantee of development sites.
  • 3

    Career development support

    Our institute encourages talent exchange among universities, government, scientific research institutes and enterprises. We can independently employ and evaluate senior professional positions, and send outstanding young talents to famous universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises in the world to carry out training and academic exchange activities.
  • 4

    Housing support

    We design the personalized housing solution for top talents; for qualified talents who purchase commercial housing, a subsidy of 350000-1000000 yuan is given, or rental subsidies by stages; for the introduced young talents, a corresponding talent apartments are given to, including house purchase subsidies and rental housing subsidies.
  • 5

    Other benefits

    We will purchase high-end commercial medical insurance for talents, their spouses and minor children to help solve the problems of children's school enrollment.

  Platform foundation

The Institute has set up more than 50 innovation and research platforms in key fields such as life and health, digital creativity, information technology, ecological environment, etc., and has built 9 national and provincial key innovation platforms, 19 national and provincial entrepreneurship incubation platforms, 12 overseas talent innovation and entrepreneurship bases, and nearly 30 R & D centers jointly established with enterprises. Our institute supports researchers to apply for national, provincial and local scientific research projects and talent plans, and provide relevant cooperation resources and policy support. The "deep root program" led by the research institute aims at the direction of key industries and the demand of scientific and technological innovation of each county (city, district), and provides the best ecological system of "innovation, entrepreneurship and creation" for the development of scientific research team based on the construction of major scientific and technological innovation platform.

Recruitment target


Top talentThe winner of the Nobel Prize, fields prize, Turing prize, Wolf Prize and other major international science and technology awards; the member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of engineering and the highest academic authority of developed countries such as the United States and Japan; the world-famous scientists who have worked in world-famous universities and scientific research institutions in the past two years, and the chief executive officer and chief technology officer of the headquarters of world-class science and technology enterprises Surgical officer, etc.
National-level talentsThe distinguished professor of the "Yangtze River scholars Award Program", the national leading talent, the outstanding talent of the national talent introduction program, and the project director of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.
Provincial-level talentsPersonnel enjoying special government subsidies approved by the State Council ,young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, young scholars of "Yangtze River Scholar Award Program", project leader of National Excellent Youth Science Foundation, national talent introduction program, provincial talent introduction plan and other talents of considerable levels.
Outstanding talentsThe person who should have senior professional titles in general, have high scientific research attainments and academic influence in relevant technical fields, and be able to organize teams to carry out high-level research.
Youth TalentsThe person who is under 38 years old in general, with 985 domestic, “double first-class ”universities or foreign well-known universities doctor's degree, can independently engage in high-level original scientific research, and obtain high-level research results in related fields; For those with excellent conditions, the requirements can be relaxed.

Application materials and methods


  • 1

    Application materials

    • 1.curriculum vitae
    • 2. Representative papers (published in recent 5 years), representative works or other research and development achievements
    • 3. Introduction to specialty and academic achievements and innovation achievements
    • 4. PI development plan (the outline of PI development plan is attached)
  • 2

    Application Method

    Integrate the materials required for application into a compressed folder, name it as "Name-Talent category-Contact information (phone / email)" and send it to email: or
  • 3

    Contact information of responsible person

    • Miss Luo
    • Tel.18810917684
    • Email:
    • No.705, Asia Pacific Road, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province
    • Science and technology innovation department, 901, 9 / F, block a, innovation building