Management Professionals Cultivation Program


Management Professionals Cultivation Program aims to introduce excellent graduates and student cadres mostly from Tsinghua University or other renowned universities in the aim of systematically introducing and cultivating high-quality and high-level talents that meet the development demands of the Institute to enrich its management professionals, research fellows and key business personnel.


Jiaxing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou, and Shanghai

For Who

Full-time master’s or doctoral graduates from Tsinghua University or other renowned universities

Training Period And Plan

  • Training period: 3+2, prioritized cultivation for talents recognized as the reserve cadres for middle-level management staff.
  • Training plan: 3 years as department assistant, promoted to the deputy position after passing the assessment, then promoted as the department principal or recommended to take a position in relevant government departments.
  • Tel:0573-82582210

Talent Development

Recruiting Department

President’s Office (Party Committee Office), Department of Science and Technology Innovation, Accounting Department, Department of Development and Assets Operation, Human Resources Department,Think Tank Center (in preparation), Shanghai Innovation Center, Audit Office (Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office), Talent Training Department, International Cooperation Department, Domestic Cooperation Department, Hangzhou Branch, Ningbo Branch, Taizhou Innovation Center, Zhejiang Zhehua Investment Co., Ltd.

Multiple Career Path

Management cadres, corporation senior executives, heads of social associations or groups, local government employees

Remuneration Package

  • Basic salary: annual income of RMB 150k-300k
  • Welfare: five insurance and two funds (endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, childbirth insurance, housing provident fund and enterprise annuity), talent apartments, enrollment for children into Jiaxing Tsinghua University Primary & High School, on-the-job further education opportunities, job training, job promotion grants, study visits to domestic and foreign universities and enterprises.
  • Allowances: house purchase allowance of RMB 150k to 350k, talent employment allowance of RMB 10k to 20k, house rent allowance of 1k to 2.5k per month, enterprise talent allowance for masters and doctors of RMB 20k to 36k; award of RMB 50k to 70k for on-the-job staff to study for a master’s or doctor’s degree.
  • Staffing: with opportunities to obtain staffing at section-chief level or above in government-affiliated institutions.

Open And Inclusive Talent Development Platform